Besides state-of-the-art technology and the finest machinery, we have under our belt, a wealth of experience in producing and processing spices for Indian markets.

The unit has the capability to match the best manufacturing processes and standards in the spice industry. A special technique of Fumigation has been employed to improve the quality of the product and increase its shelf life. The unit has a cleaning and processing capacity of more than 60,000 kg. per day.

An in-house Research & Development Tem, works in line with a standard set of research methodologies adopted by research institutes of repute in India to carry out analysis of various products. Apart from the combined effort of our team of professionals in ensuring consumer satisfaction, we have established a Sensory Evaluation Division and a Trained Panel in our Quality Control for consumer acceptance of products.

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The easiest way to people’s heart is through their stomach .The only hitch here is to get the right taste , so that you can entice tastebuds and find the way to their stomach first. We solve that problem for you by presenting an exquisite range of recipes covering various varieties as well as regional food .
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