India, has always attracted the world with her exotic masalas. In fact, the connection goes back many centuries. To the time when travellers like Vasco da Gama and Columbus were still exploring the geography of the Earth. Even then, the mystique of Indian spices magnetised them to India and paved the way for a new chapter to be written in the annals of time.

Spice is the essence of Life: Spices add taste, flavor, aroma, color and "bite" - blandness to our food. Eastern civilization considers spices as indispensable ingredients. Spices are even used as preservatives, aphrodisiacs and in traditional medicine. Many Indian grandmas prefer a strong decoction made of some spices to drive away ailments. Spices are derived from some part of a plant - flowers, fruits, leaves, seeds, rhizomes, roots, buds and even the bark of a tree. India produces almost all of the spices, largely owing to its varying climate and soil condition.

The story of Indian Spices dates back to 7000 years into the past. It is a chequered history of lands, discovered or destroyed, kingdoms built or brought down, wars won or lost, treaties signed or flouted, favors sought or offered. Today Indian Spices hold the same spell.

Within the past one decade the international trade in spices has grown by leaps and bounds.

Over the past decade, the Indian Spices industry has made quality the cutting edge of its global game plan.

The lure of the unknown', which repeatedly brought visitors to the Spice Land, was the presence of nature's rich elements in those fresh and highly aromatic spices. Spelling magic and carrying an enviable aura, they left people spellbound.

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